Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nature's kick in the balls?

So, she was scheduled for surgery tomorrow to try and have that paralysis thing fixed.
Lo and behold, she's managed to acquire an infection, which means they won't be able to do the operation until it's gone, which they foresee being next Monday.

Fuck you, nature. Srsly. Give us a break. -.-;

In other news, in an attempt to cure myself of my depressed boredom, I've taken up Dragon Age again amidst my wishful thinking. Oghren. Oh, how I love thee! And Leliana! And Shale! Oh, and a digital-brofist goes out to Alistair, my Warden in arms.

Managed to find some fun animu to watch, too. What's that? It's TTGL again? Dohoho. Yeah, okay, old habits die hard. I'm thinking it's time to finish off Samurai Champloo after this, though. Then maybe hit up Law of Ueki.

Actually, I might finish off watching House. I should go steal my mum's copies or something. I'm too cheap to buy 'em myself, and my net connection sucks too many balls for me to download them all.


Shut the fuck up. That's uh. Different. >.>

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You know what sucks all manner of ass? Having a girl who you have for some reason decided to devote your life to, depend upon, and even though she lives across the other side of the planet, you still, for some reason, can't imagine life without her. Isn't love just a barrel of retardency?
The pathetic nature of my long-distance infatuation is the least of my worries, however. She's really sick... like... REALLY sick. Has been for ages. God knows how much sleep I lost when she came in one day after a particularly bad turn of events and said, "The docs don't know if I'll make it past 24 hours...". That had me stressing the hell out for a week... She had surgery. Was starting to get better... and now she's suddenly ran into complications with her bloodflow, resulting in a mini-stroke, which has paralyzed her legs. Which she's depressed about. Which I'm depressed about, because I can't be over there with her, cuddling her and telling her its okay.

I'm going to start saving money, I think. Work up the coin to go see her. Give her a proper hug. My hugs are, after all, godlike.

In other news, considering that I feel I need to empower my neckbeard, I need to find new anime to watch. Though I swear to all that is holy, I will go columbine if I end up being forced to watch another season of moe "BLABLA-KUN, AM I KAWAII? UGUU~". No. Not happening. My masculinity has suffered enough. My cock has actually left me notes saying "Dude. You do this to us again, I'm out. Leaving. Gone. Fuck you and your lack of testosterone, bitch."

You know what the world needs? Another season of Gurren Lagann. Hellz yeah.

I found it :D



I wonder if I can consider myself homeschooled. I only just realized, the only actual lesson I actually learned anything in was maths. Google taught me everything else I needed to know, as did listening to people blab and then googling any unfamiliar words.

My lord, my mind is the product of technology, initiative and drugs. |:

I think.

I dunno. My brain is too google'd to know >.>

Philosophy - the science where there is no science!

Philosophy is based on formulating believable hypotheses when there is no direct factual evidence on whatever subject one is philosophizing.

For some reason, it's reminding me of religion.

Hmm.... I should convert to being a philosophist. :D

In other news, I think I've been drinking too much. I'm pretty sure my head is actually one giant globe of marshmallow, vodka and cheetos. >.<

Oh, and my liver is all like "SCREW YOU MAN. SCREW YOU."


Monday, September 27, 2010


My god. Achaea. That game. Blowing. Mind.

Chaos theories, man! SO MUCH CHAOS!

In the interest of intellectual debate

Is it odd that even though we all recognize the inevitability of our deaths, that none of us seem immediately concerned by it? Perhaps it is an ingrained human reaction to ignore the fact that one day we will all die, and we will all be nothing more than a sack of meat destined to simply decay into nutrients for plants and animals consumption...
Well, unless of course you're cremated. Bit of a waste, really.